Watch how easily an attic retro-fit can be with LOW-E!

One of the most efficient ways to upgrade your home and save on energy cost - is with a complete attic retro-fit using ESP LOW-E Reflective Insulation Products. Our retro-fit which includes LOW-E Attic Floor, Tab Insulation and Econo-E can greatly improve the temperatures in your conditioned space by keeping the radiant energy away from your conditioned space.

Why Use LOW-E?

LOW-E Reflective Insulation
Products are manufactured by using both post-consumer and new materials, and can be incorporated throughout all facets of the building industry. The insulation can be used as a “stand alone” product, or in conjunction with mass insulations to create greater R-Values.

Manufactured from non-porous material composed of air trapped in tiny closed cells, providing for an excellent thermal break and vapor barrier – in one single insulation.

Increase R-Values/U-Values
When used with a mass insulation system, the addition of LOW-E Reflective Insulation will increase insulation system performance, by helping to achieve ASHREA 90.1 and LEED building envelope requirements.

Green Building Advantages
LOW-E meets “Green Building” standards by increasing the thermal efficiency of the building envelope. Refer to the LEED rating system for individual products and applications. Click here to view information on LEED

Thermal Performance of a Hybrid Metal Building Insulation Assembly
A metal building insulation assembly produced by Environmentally Safe Products was tested in accordance with
ASTM C 1363 in the Large Scale Climate Simulator at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This hybrid system
consisted of conventional fiberglass blanket insulation with ESP reflective insulation installed above the blanket
insulation to form two reflective air spaces between the blanket insulation and the panels of a standing seam roof.
Read more about how LOW-E can be used in a Hybrid Metal Building


Tax Credits

Not only can LOW-E Reflective Insulation help you save on your energy cost, it can now give you a tax credit!

Tax credits for individual homeowners, as well as funding for non-profit and local government agencies that incorporate energy-efficient products into their new construction projects or retrofits.

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Manufacturer's Certification Statement for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

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