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An Architect's Testimonial

Mark Baker of HB&A Architects of San Diego explains the benefits of LOW-E in his own home. Watch as Mark explains how LOW-E stabilizes the temperature of his home year-round - keeping his home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

San Diego Nightly News

Check out LOW-E Reflective Insulation featured in a nightly news segment in San Diego, CA. LOW-E Reflective Insulation West Coast Division Distributor Charlie Snowder explains how LOW-E can dramatically reduce cooling bills!

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Buildaroo, a blog for buying and building green, interviews Charlie Snowder, LOW-E Reflective Insulation West Coast Distributor. Watch as Charlie describes how LOW-E works and how you can purchase LOW-E for your project!

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LOW-E Reflective Insulation Joins U.S. Department of Energy as partner in new Builders Challenge

Metal Mag article on Reflective Insulation

Metal Construction News Article
(Housewrap) 12-2008

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