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Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of the ESP LOW-EŽ line of reflective foil insulation. LOW-E is produced from non-toxic polyethylene foam heat and is laminated between two surfaces of 99.4% pure aluminum facings. LOW-E Reflective Insulation resists all three types of heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. This space age product also provides a full vapor barrier with sound deadening properties.

ESP LOW-E® Reflective Insulation is used in both new construction and retrofits. It is utilized under roofing, attic spaces, crawl spaces, or in walls, as part of the building’s insulation system. Other uses include HVAC systems, auto/boat/rv insulation, and packaging products. Commercial steel buildings and post -frame buildings are also areas that can benefit from LOW-E Insulation. Click here to view the ESP LOW-E® corporate site.


Charlie Snowder, LEED AP

California License #292907
B-1, C-2
Reflective Insulation
Western Division

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West Coast Division Distributor
Charlie Snowder

When I first became a general contractor 37 years ago, the building industry’s philosophy was that if we built a larger exterior wall, and installed R-19 insulation, we would create the “perfect” home. Little did we - or I realize - all we were doing was extending the time it took for the mass insulation to fill with heat and bleed into our homes. No one ever told us that mass insulation couldn’t stop radiant heat - it just slows it down.

I first learned about LOW-E Reflective Insulation from a client I was building a house for in Del Mar. The couple told me that when they had used it in their previous home – it was responsible for reducing their inside temperatures by over 10 degrees. I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was this one single product that had accomplished this - but of course I ordered it and put it on their roof!

Well – as we all know – the client “is always right”! …it did actually reduce inside temps by around 10 degrees!

Before I decided to get involved with LOW-E Reflective Insulation, it was important to me to determine what this company’s baseline was in regards to their overall ability and knowledge. Were they just another manufacturer trying to “lay claim” to energy conservation - and be part of what some considered “just a trend”? Or, as a company - did they “walk the talk” of building green and reducing our carbon footprint – and was their product truly as “revolutionary” as what they proclaimed it to be?

As I spent more time, talking with them about the products and company - their integrity as a whole became very evident. As a small business owner and as contractor, I believe there is not another product on the market that provides all of the benefits, company support, and back-up that LOW-E Reflective Insulation provides.

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